Research for Architectural Design Studio 'Delta Shelter'
To block
For the architectural design studio 'Delta Shelter' we had to design a shelter for groups of researchers on the island of Terschelling. In the first weeks I wanted to get a better understanding of the location, but also the relationship between humans and the delta landscape. In order to do so, artistic approaches were used, such as watercolor, writing and collaging.

I came to the realization that humans have always controlled water. We constantly decide when and where it can or can not go. There are three ways in which we do this: we decide to block it, guide it or capture it.
But imagine if it were to be the other way around. What would our world look like if water decides to colonize us? What if we were blocked, guided or captured by water?

The conclusion of this photo collage excercise led me to question whether water should get a bigger role in the design of a Delta Shelter. What if the pathway, that leads up to the entrance of the shelter, can be underwater and therefor inaccessible for humans. Water decides when and where humans can access the building. The delta reclaims control. Besides that, a 'delta shelter' should not only shelter humans but also the delta.

In design processes we should be taking nature into account as an element that is
not inferior to humans. Hopefully this will slowly give nature te opportunity te be
To capture
To guide

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