Visualization of nuances within a seemingly 'Black & White' situation.
Grey Zone
Perhaps, there is more than just
The black and white.
Nowadays, picking a side
Is how we define
The victims and the villains.
But looking through these goggles
Of black and white only
We see right or wrong solely.
Never forget,
There's always bad in good
And good in bad.

Perhaps, once we swallow our pride
And listen to the other
We might,
Whether consiously or not,
Understand a bit better
How come.

Perhaps, we should realize
That things this complex
Are more nuanced
Than all of us can comprehend.
An this realization
Might be the end of a fight
About wrong and right
And the start of a dialogue.
A grey zone.
Making of
Every conflict has different perspectives. And so, in order to have a better understanding of the situation as a whole, it's good to dive into the context of all these perspectives.


This art work was a response to the new developments in the Israel and Palestine conflict in
September 2023. Arjen Lubach gave some context on this conflict to gain a better insight into the current situation and its different perspectives. C
lick here to watch his video.

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