Author of the book: Bas van den Berg
Art work for book cover  
The book Onderwijzen tijdens Transities: Een werkboek vol regeneratieve verhalen is written by Bas van den Berg. He is a senior researcher and innovation lead in the expertise network of systemic co-design. He also works as a strategic advisor sustainability & education for the Haagse Hogeschool.

In this book, at the intersection of transition and educational science, Bas embarks on a search for how we can connect our education to the major transition challenges around us. How do we, through education, help not only connect but also support young people in navigating these major social changes? How do we support them through the pain and challenges that come with it? 
Bas visited pioneers who have been interweaving and connecting their education with major transitions for a long time. He does this within three major themes and by visiting Dutch 10 cities. What do we learn from this? What are they up against? Above that, the book contains all kinds of fun exercises to examine your own education (together with your team).

I was asked to make art pieces for each of the 10 chapters, in order to build in a moment of reflection and tranquility. The art pieces inspire us to think about the core message of the chapter and they make room for emotion and individual interpretation. For all 10 art pieces I mainly worked with watercolor and wrote complementing poems. Throughout the rest of the book, more watercolor works can be found, including the cover of the book. Besides creating the art works, I also took care of the layout design in general.

The book launch took place in Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam on October 11th 2023, during the RSD conference. Here Bas van den Berg presented his book, and in addition a panel discussion took place with Claire Boonstra, Kees Klomp, Dinant Roode and me. The program was be moderated by Mark Boode.

You can buy the book Onderwijzen tijdens Transities here!
Book launch Pakhuis de Zwijger
Book launch Pakhuis de Zwijger

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