Student initiative at Delft University of Technology
Fellow coordinators Phase I: Marion Achach, Meriç Kessaf, Leyla van der Waarde, Meriam Sehimi, Job Schroën.
photo by Job Schroën 
Right after the distructive earthquakes in Turkey and Syria in February 2023, a group of students at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at Delft University of Technology, started a student initiative in order to help the victims in the affected areas. As a group of five students and one professor we devided our goal in two phases. In Phase I we aimed to create awareness amongst students as well as tutors in order to combine their knowledge into a range of innovative solutions that would be applicable for the affected areas. Phase II would mainly focus on realizing these solutions on site and actually make a difference. 
I was part of the coordination team during the first Phase of the START-TU Delft student initiative. Together with my fellow coordinators and a team of part-time students, we have organized a workshopweek at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment from 20-24th of March 2023.
photo by Job Schroën 
During this week a variaty of speakers gave lectures on various topics. On the first day we had professors from Turkey and Syria talking about the current situation on site and the specific problems these affected areas are dealing with. Also the psychological impact of such a disaster came to light. In the evening the workshop kicked off with a brainstorm session and formed multidisciplinaire groups of students for the rest of the workshop week. On the second day we gathered knowledge on seismic design by an expert and aimed to broaden our horizon with a leture from a professor in Industrial Design, explaining possible ways of tackling such a complex design assignment. The third day consisted of a full workshop day, complemented by various short lectures from different experts in the field. The fourth day students from the workshop had the possibility of interacting with Urgent Design Studio, a group of students from the faculty of Architecture at METU in Ankara, who organized a similar workshop at their university. On the last day we had another full workshop day for the students to finalize their designs and eventually all groups presented their designs.

Unfortunately, I have decided to leave the coordinators team but I am very proud to tell Phase II has been going really well so far. The team changed its name into Architectural Recovery Team (ART). I am more than confident that the ART-team will manage to make positive impact in the affected areas. If you are curious to see how ART is currently doing, check out their website or LinkedIn for the latest updates.

Publications START-TU Delft:
RTL Nieuws, TU Delta, AD Regio, NPO Radio 1
photo by Marion Achach 
photo by Marcel Billow                                                                                  

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