For my MSc Architecture Graduation studio (Feb 2024 - Jan 2025) A Space of Reflection I am designing a memorial in the public space of The Hague, where a more complete and honest image is given about the shared history between Indonesia and The Netherlands, in and by which peaceful dialogue is being provoked. In order to position myself and my design within the social-historical context, I researched the narratives related to this past by speaking to and reading about different communities who were involved, whose stories haven't been heard by the broader public. Being aware of my Dutch nationality, I realised some narratives can't be found in The Netherlands. And so, I decided to go to Indonesia for part of my research. In Indonesia I visited five cities on the island of Java: Jakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, Yogyakarta and Bandung. In each of these cities I spoke to local people, experts in the field of architecture, heritage or history; visited universities and explored Dutch colonial heritage as well as Indonesian national monuments and memorials.

When I was in Semarang, I was asked to give a guest lecture at UNNES (University Negeri Semarang) for first and second year BSc Architecture students. In my lecture I talked about my graduation project, mainly addressing how in The Netherlands a rather one-sided and whitewashed version of this shared history is represented, undermining many of the other narratives related to this past and the existence of multiple truths in history. After my lecture, there was a
Question & Answer session in which students in the audience could start a dialogue with me.

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